Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rome and Pompeii

 Rome is an amazing city because of all of the history there.  We only had a couple of days to spend in Rome but it was hardly enough. 
 The Colosseum was probably the kids' favorite part of Rome.  It was huge.  It is a wonder that they constructed it without modern machinery.

 Enjoying some Italian pizza.  The best pizza in all of the places we ate in Italy was in Pompeii though.  It was AMAZING!
 We stopped off at another country while in Rome--the Vatican City. 

 The museum was incredible and taught our children many anatomical lessons!

 We passed a McDonalds and knew that we would have to stop there for lunch.  It was a hit!

 Pompeii was another fun day trip.  We took the train down for a short visit.
 Mount Vesuvius blew in 79 AD covering the city and some of its inhabitants. 
 Two thousand years ago they were way more advanced than I ever gave them credit for.
Worn grooves in the rock road from wagons.  They made walking a bit tricky sometimes.

Abby Road??? No, Pompeii!