Sunday, November 3, 2013

Things We Will Miss

I have always loved the ocean here.  It has so many emotions.  I love to see how the weather is effecting it.  I will miss seeing it everyday.

I will miss the cow jams.  It is a delightful part of living on this island.

Pink Tie Gala

We went to the Pink Tie Gala this year.  It is a dinner to benefit Breast Cancer Research. 
We went with a WONDERFUL sets of couples.  They are great people and we will truly miss them when we leave Lajes.  We can only hope that they come to England with us. 
 We got a little silly!

 The dinner was not very good and dessert was lacking too, but the company was the best!

Spirit Week

Megan is all dressed up in her 80's gear with her friends for this year's Spirit Week.
 Megan and Jake are twins with some of their friends.
 Caleb and Megan are warring with Silly String.


School Pictures

 Caleb, 4th Grade, Mr.Morris
 Megan, 1st Grade, Mrs.Darrow
 Jacob, 8th Grade, Middle School
 Nick, 6th Grade, Middle School
Substitute Teacher


 Caleb dressed up as a Power Ranger and Megan was a lady bug.  Jake and Nick were home sick.
 After the evening of trick-or-treating there is nothing like watching Charlie Brown and eating your best candy! 
Some wonderful friends that we gather with to hand out candy. 

 The Portuguese lining up to get into American housing to trick-or-treat.  It was insane.
 Curtis dressed up like Cobra Commander from GI Joe. He enjoyed scaring people.

Soccer Season 2013

This year's soccer season was rather exciting.  Caleb decided not to play while Megan played on the Little league and Jake and Nick were part of the Juniors.  Soccer seemed to take over our lives for awhile but the kids had fun and improved.  Jake and Nick's team went undefeated until the last game of the season.  The boys stayed home sick with a nasty virus and we listened to the play by play via text message.  Sadly they lost, but it was a great season overall.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Grandma's Visit

 Grandma Moss came for a visit in July.  She stayed until mid-September.  We went on lots of adventures while she was here.  We enjoyed showing her all around our beautiful island.  Here are some of the pictures that I got from her camera.